Gay Pride London 2015: Duckie “Border Force”, Camden Town Hall, Saturday 27 June

Once again, Duckie decamps from the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for Pride night with its own anti-Pride “Gay Shame” event.

This time its to Camden Centre, Camden Town Hall, Euston Road for “Border Force”.

Over to Duckie:

Border Force is an immersive disko-show about freedom of movement.

Join Duckie in a new globalised clubland where we challenge the idea of national identity, confront xenophobia and queer the borders.

Do continue.

Passports are potluck: where will you land?

Clubbers attempt to travel between countries, but the Border Force are strict, corruption is rife and there’s no such thing as jeux sans frontiers.

But what countries will we visit?


Taste the national food, drink the national booze and watch the national performances.

And the dresscode?

Beach bum, business executive, expat, heteronormative holidaymaker,
hitchhiker, pirate, trolly dolly, sex tourist, budgie smuggler.

So there you go.

Doors open at 9pm and the event runs until 3am.

£20 tickets on sale now.

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