Facebook bans more male nude photographers: “FuriousFotog” and Dylan Rosser

Zack Horton by Furious Fotog

Zack Horton by Furious Fotog

What do you think when you see the above photograph (of Zack Horton, taken by FuriousFotog)?

Yes. He is hot, isn’t he?

Could you imagine Facebook banning FuriousFotog for uploading it?

Well they have.

And it’s not the first time.

Dylan Rosser is currently banned from Facebook. Michael Stokes has been repeatedly banned (see full coverage from The Advocate.) London’s own Chris Jepson has also been the subject of a Facebook ban.

We are not aware of what specific reasons there are the bans. Though we know of Facebook users who have made it their raison d’etre to actively seek out and report artistic male nudity on ideological and religious grounds. American puritanism has always been a mass of contradictions that belies rational explanation. It only takes a cursory scan of any Facebook newsfeed to see the hypocrisy of this.

More seriously, Facebook has created a platform where the self-employed are actively invited to easily and effectively promote their businesses. And now Facebook is causing real financial harm to photographers through these bans.

In the meantime you can of course go to Instagram follow FuriousFotog and Dylan Rosser (the irony of which is not lost on us).

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