Montréal’s Elektra and Mutek present Digital Quebec at the BFI Southbank, London, 12-13 March 2015

We have long been fans of the city of Montréal. The city’s creative and digital arts economy in its “Cité du Multimédia” district is thriving. As is its music scene – something that is often overlooked in the UK.

As a francophone city, Montréal is often not seen as closely related to the UK. We think it should be. It’s hard not to like Montréal’s mix of North American utilitarianism and European joie de vivre. Montréal is also one of the more accessible North American cities from Europe. It’s one of the shortest transatlantic flights and the easiest North American city to fly in to. It’s also home to one of our favourite clubs in North America Stereo.

So we’re really pleased to see two Montréal organisations Elektra and Mutek joining forces to present, for the first time in London, eight separate audio visual performances by Montréal artists under the banner “Digital Quebec” over two nights at the BFI Southbank on Thursday 12 March and Friday 13 March.

Here’s the full line up of eight performances:

Thursday 12 March

7pm Dominique t Skoltz: y2o
Known for her filmic explorations into the contrasts between the intimate and clinical, Dominique t Skoltz presents her new work which studies the subject of troubled love with stunning results (29 minutes).

Yan Breuleux: Tempêtes
Yan Breuleux’s work for this show is inspired by the late work of painter Joseph Mallord William Turner. Presented as a journey through a series of chaotic panoramas undergoing continuous transformations, Tempêtes is created in collaboration with cellist Soizic Lebrat (20 minutes).

9.15pm Matthew Biederman & 4X: Physical
Matthew Biederman and sound artist 4X dive deep into the physicality of sound and image perception and ask the question of where perception actually occurs within the senses. The work blurs electronic music and synthetic voices with thrilling effect (35 minutes).

Herman Kolgen: Seismik + Aftershock
Herman Kolgen has been modelling sumptuous “audiocinetic” sculptures for over twenty years. He presents Seismik, a dazzling, tension-charged performance that taps into seismic waves, frictional resistance and the Earth’s tremor-related phenomena in real-time (40 minutes + 12 minutes).

Friday 13 March

7pm Maotik & Metametric: Omnis
Omnis is a live A/V performance by Maotik & Metametric which takes its inspiration from the concept of ubiquity. Expect a sonic and visual assault that destabilises the senses as the piece explores the limits of space and technology (30 minutes).

Woulg: Ring Buffer
Montréal-based composer and new media artist Greg Debicki presents Ring Buffer, an A/V performance which explores data-bending by using visual sculpturing software and transforming generated 3D shapes into sound (40 minutes).

9.30pm Myriam Bleau: Soft Revolvers
Soft Revolvers is an A/V performance utilising 4 spinning tops, all built by the artist. A hypnotic and original piece that challenges what we consider to be modern live A/V (25 min).

Roger Tellier-Craig & Sabrina Ratté: Le Révélateur
Le Révélateur is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Sabrina Ratté and Roger Tellier-Craig, exploring the creation of abstract architectural structures and electronic landscapes (30 min).

Tickets are on sale from the BFI from 10 February 2015.

There’s more event information on Facebook and the Elektra website.

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