Brazil’s “The Week” returns to London with “Safado” at The Coronet Theatre on Saturday 7 March

If you ever remark to someone you’re planning a trip to Sao Paulo you will probably receive, at best, a polite “It’s not somewhere I’d think to go on holiday.” Or, more likely, complete bafflement as to why you’re visiting a metropolis with a population in excess of 20 million that is known for some of the worst traffic congestion in the world.

Sao Paulo is not the easiest city for visitors and advance planning is essential. The contrast with Rio de Janeiro, a city that would take a heart of stone not to be seduced by, could not be greater. However, it’s hard not be awed by Sao Paulo’s Bladerunner-esque sky line. It is also a city with very high quality night life.

We’ve been fortunate to visit Sao Paulo on more than one occasion and we have always visited The Week on a Saturday night (as well as BuBu lounge on a Friday night).

The Week does tour occasionally and, after three years away, it will return to London on Saturday 7 March 2015 “Safado” at The Coronet Theatre.

As is now standard for every international club brand that comes to London (We Party, Papa, Matinee, Supermarxte), Orange Nation are the promoters.

Renato Cecin (The Week Brazil) and Fabio Luigi headline the main room. The Brazilian House Mafia, comprising of DJs Glauber Oliveira, Derick Pontes and Arnaldo Novais, host the 2nd room.

However, with the greatest of respect of The Coronet Theatre and the team behind the night, the contrast between The Coronet (or indeed any London venue) and The Week’s main home in Sao Paulo could not be greater.

Thanks to the climate of Sao Paulo, The Week benefits from a large outdoor terrace and bars (and a pool!) and, as noise complaints from neighbours are not a concern, an external soundsystem. The main room has one of the best lighting systems we’ve ever seen. The gogo dancers are truly the best (in shape and movement) we’ve seen anywhere. There are no long queues for a coat check to navigate. Nor any standing on a cold make shift smoking terrace.

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We’re sure the 7 March party will be a well attended and successful event and regulars to The Coronet will know what to expect. But, if you really want to see what The Week is really like, we’d recommend saving up for a trip to Brazil, and including a weekend in Sao Paulo in your itinerary.

Update: Photos from the night are online at nicophoto.

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