Channel 4 to board the N29 night bus from Enfield to London’s West End in new three part documentary series

2015 is the year that many in London may bid a fond farewell to the capital’s night buses as Transport for London introduces 24 hour weekend services on Night Tube lines from 12 September 2015.

Being on a night bus you can experience many things, but of course one thing it isn’t is dull.

And next year all the action on some of London’s night buses will be captured on camera as Channel 4 has commissioned a three part documentary series on the night bus.

Channel 4 Rainbow Logo, Horseferry Road, London

Channel 4 Rainbow Logo, Channel 4 Headquarters, Horseferry Road, London

Made by Blast Films who are behind shows such as The Tube and The Route Masters, the documentary will use what is termed “fixed rig” technology where 16 cameras will be fixed into place throughout the bus.

The first route is the N29 from Enfield through to the West End.

Channel 4 claim the series will aim to capture the wide variety of passengers travelling on the capital’s night buses.

Channel 4 commissioning editor Emma Cooper says: “London is an incredible global hub – full of life, love and madness which our night buses slice through in the early hours of each day. This series will show the people who call this place home, those who visit and those who make their money here – and will highlight the unlikely friendships and moments that all spring up on the top deck of the number 29.

“We’ll capture the vast scale of the night bus’s operations, and the breadth and number of Londoners that it caters for. With warmth and humour the series will focus on the stories passengers bring on board and their interactions with one another and the drivers in this snapshot of late night London life.”

As is standard for TV shows featuring members of the public, those who feature will have to sign away the rights to the footage to Channel 4. The filming of the documentary may not be so simple as featuring whoever manages to board the bus so we’re intrigued to see how this will work in practice.

Update: This three part series is now airing on Channel 4 and its “All 4” on demand service, with the first episode shown on Monday 11 May 2015.

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