Channel 4’s rainbow coloured logo at its Horseferry Road Headquarters, London

Channel 4 is a TV station that is very easy to fall in and out of love with. This was the channel that brought us “Queer As Folk” and, through Film Four, “My Beautiful Laundrette” and “Beautiful Thing”. However, over the past few years Channel 4 has become notorious for its failed attempts at generating controversy and just plain bad ideas. See “Sexbox”, “Drugs Live”, and “The Jump”, for example.

However, it does occasionally endear us and rediscover its original roots. As has been widely publicised the channel rebranded its on-screen identity on Friday of this week in rainbow colours in support of gay atheletes performing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The channel has also repainted its logo outside its Richard Rogers designed London headquarters in rainbow colours (which by coincidence reminds us of the original Martin Lambie-Nairn designed Channel 4 identity) which we pictured this weekend:

Channel 4 Rainbow Logo, Horseferry Road, London

Channel 4 Rainbow Logo, Channel 4 Headquarters, Horseferry Road, London

An observation we’ve made in the past is the very temporal nature of London’s annual Pride celebrations, in part of a function of holding a Pride event in the centre of one of the world’s busiest cities. The repainting of installations and the use of light shows (we note that Montreal lit up its Olympic Tower on Friday in support of gay athletes at Sochi) is something that could easily be explored further in London, as there are plenty of available sites for this.

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