Agnetha Fältskog appearing at a special ABBA night at G-A-Y at Heaven on Saturday 4 May (now with pictures)

Let’s be honest, anyone who says they don’t like ABBA is either lying or an insufferable bore! Despite the enduring legacy of their music, as a group ABBA have always chosen to be remembered for the perfection of their original studio production. ABBA have steadfastly eschewed comeback and touring opportunities, in spite of the fact they could make millions from them.

G-A-Y will be holding a special ABBA night at Heaven on Saturday 4 May. In something of a coup by Jeremy Joseph, Agnetha Fältskog, who released a single “When You Really Loved Someone” in the UK last month, will be making a very rare public appearance on the night. Note this will not be a live set by Agnetha, and please be gentle!

As usual, discounted entry is available with flyers from the entrance to G-A-Y Bar and wristbands from G-A-Y Bar on the day. Agnetha’s appearance and a Bank Holiday weekend will make for a busy night, so early arrival is recommended.

Edit: Judging by the amount of interest in this, for the benefit of those not familiar with G-A-Y at Heaven, it does have a “priority for members and regulars” (I think you can read between the lines) door policy on busy nights, so expect door staff discretion to be exercised. This is something to bear in mind if planning on travelling to London specifically for G-A-Y.

Update: Here are pictures of the night

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