Las Vegas to host the world’s biggest gay nightclub “Krave Massive” from 15 June 2013 [Now closed]

Las Vegas is not, in all honesty, a destination I have been longing to visit. However, this might make the change my mind, or at least persuade me to stop off en-route when travelling in the US. On 15 June 2013, what promises to be the world’s largest gay club, Krave Massive, opens.

The new club is a replacement for an existing venue and takes over a space previously occupied by a multiplex on the third floor of Neonopolis on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

The 85,000 square feet club will feature no less than five separate rooms dedicated to house, hip hop, Top 40, Latin American music and country (!). The club also promises, amongst other things, three separate bars, a martini lounge, a members-only VIP lounge, Indulge Private Lounge, a comedy club, a performing arts theatre, a cinema, retail shop and outdoor pool with cabanas.

Clearly, a club of this scale and breadth of offer in a large tourist/convention city is going to feel radically different to anything we have in the UK. However, for a country not known for large scale gay clubs, this development is potentially interesting to watch.

More information is on the Krave Massive website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Update: Krave has since closed, ostensibly due to the venue lacking a local sales tax permit. More details from the Las Vegas Sun.

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