The Monocle cafe opens at 18 Chiltern Street, London, in March

Since its launch six years ago, Monocle magazine, has ploughed its own furrow in more ways than one. It its committed to the medium of print and refuses to entertain the notion that print is in decline. It eschews social media. It has also launched a hugely ambitious 24 hour radio station, Monocle 24, and developed a small but growing chain of retail shops in London, New York, Toronto and elsewhere.

The next phase in Monocle’s development is the opening of a cafe next month in London at 18 Chiltern Street (there is already one in Tokyo).

The opening date of the cafe is yet to be confirmed. As are the precise details of the menu and internal fit out.

However we do know that the cafe will host broadcasts on Monocle 24 and a meeting space will be available to subscribers.

We can also hazard a guess that the fit out of the cafe will be of a very high quality (as opposed to the knee-to-eye-level-is-all-that-matters cookie cutter approach of the chains) with flattering lighting and a tightly edited menu of good coffee (and no frappucionos!).

Whilst London is not short of good quality coffee shops and cafes the continuing ambition of Monocle is to be admired and no doubt the cafe will be a success.

Update: Here is a picture on Twitter posted by Emily Smith from Monocle.

Edit: The opening date has been confirmed for Monday 1 April.

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