Jeremy Joseph buys G-A-Y & Heaven from HMV

Following HMV’s recent administration and its previous intention to dispose of its live music venues, G-A-Y promoter Jeremy Joseph has this afternoon confirmed that, after a period of fraught negotiations and uncertainty lasting over a year, he has bought G-A-Y from HMV, backed by bank loans (with his own home provided as collateral). This means Jeremy is now the sole owner of G-A-Y and Heaven.

This is good news and ends uncertainty over a gay nightlife brand that is synonymous with London that does pure pop better than anyone else and has no peer when it comes to attracting big name pop acts.

It goes without saying that Jeremy has taken a huge personal risk to keep G-A-Y and Heaven going and it’s easy to disparage London nightlife but we should be grateful that an iconic brand has been saved by someone who has nothing to prove when it comes to supporting London’s gay community,

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