The story behind the cover image

Le Manifeste, Montreal – A time will come when you can express yourself freely.

The cover image you [used to] see at the top of this blog was taken by us last year in the wonderful Canadian city of Montreal.

It is an art installation on Rue St Catherine (near to Rue Amherst) in the city’s gay village. Designed by Paprika Studios and entitled “Le Manisfeste”, in French it reads “Il y aura une place pour chacune des libertés que vous voudrez bien vous accorder.”  Translated literally in English it reads “There will be a place for each of the freedoms you wish to grant yourself”.  The official translation is “A time will come when you can express yourself freely.”

Below are two films of the installation. The first is a time lapse of the installation and the second is a film of visitors to Rue St Catherine enjoying the iluminated outdoor installation at night.

The installation is part of the Aires Libres summer season of outdoor art in Montreal’s gay village. Montreal is a fantastic summer destination and it’s good to see the use of public art to add distinctiveness and vibrancy to the city’s gay village.

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