The Rebirth Of Pool

Although London’s spectacular summer is now drawing to a close, as we have been granted one extra weekend of summer weather, it’s worth highlighting the recently refurbished Oasis Swimming Pool in Camden.

If I was describing this a couple of months ago (and being charitable), I would have described it as “in need of modernisaton”.  Thankfully, it has just received that with the changing rooms and indoor swimming pool being refurbished.

What really makes this pool worthy of mention is the outdoor swimming pool and good sized sundeck, providing residents, visitors and workers in the West End with an easily accessible space to swim outdoors and catch some rays in the summer months (and plenty swim in the heated outdoor pool in winter).

The pool can be used on a pay per visit basis, venue membership or by joining the Swim London scheme which provides access to swimming pools across London or a monthly membership of just under £30 a month.   The indoor pool is also used by the popular gay swimming group Out To Swim on Monday and Thursday nights.

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